Working with Lisa

Working with Lisa

Lisa is a dedicated professional passionate about inspiring people.

Why Bring Lisa

Lisa has been described as 'the biker executive' with an engaging style along the lines of 'classy rebellion'. Her motorcycle mantra brings a two-wheeled perspective to the corporate arena. She may use motorcycling terms but guarantees you don't need to ride a motorcycle to connect with her message. Lisa believes motorcycling is a natural metaphor for life; both our personal lives and professional lives.

Audiences are drawn to her easy-going personality, dynamic style, and high-octane energy. Her keen ability to connect with audiences from ten to 1000, coupled with her knowledge and experience in leading high-performing teams, makes her the surefire choice for any industry.

Upcoming and Past Events

Media Kit

Download Lisa's information for your event. 

Planning and Prep

True to her coaching mindset, Lisa will ask questions to zero in on the goals of your event. She'll help you map out a program that focuses on your ultimate destination. Lisa will show up ready to take your audience on an unforgettable journey!

Promotional Partnership

Attendees are more engaged when they've connected with the speaker before the event. Knowing this, Lisa will create personalized videos for your event to boost registration, thank attendees, and spark their interest beforehand. She'll also share your event on her website and social media sites, as requested.

Outcome Focused

Lisa knows real change happens when people are moved and committed to action. She's intent on arming her audiences with resources and strategies designed to shift their momentum into high gear. Your audience will leave fired up and motivated to apply what they learned immediately!

Making Connections

Lisa is excited to be part of your event and truly loves engaging with members of the audience! She'll get to know the attendees before the event and stay after for as long as it takes. Lisa will greet your attendees with a handshake and a smile, inviting them into conversation.


Just because the attendees have left the building, doesn't mean your event is over. Lisa is interested in your feedback and will schedule a follow-up call to make sure she hit on all cylinders. If you're interested, she'll also make her slides and resources available to your attendees after the event.