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What’s Your Inspired Tour?

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In 1915, a mother-daughter duo, Avis and Effie Hotchkiss, were the first women to ride a motorcycle coast-to-coast. They traversed the country from New York City to San Francisco, for several reasons: to get out into the wide-open spaces of the United States, to prove that a woman could accomplish such a feat, and to inspire women to consider the sport of motorcycling. 

In 2015, nearly a century later, Lisa rode a motorcycle following Avis and Effie’s route. She braved this adventure to fulfill her dream of riding cross-country, to honor Avis and Effie, and to inspire the next 100 years of women riders. 

Lisa produced a documentary of her road trip that challenges viewers to dream big and act bigger. In this thought-provoking session, Lisa will share stories of her cross-country adventure, preview the documentary, and lead attendees through discovering their own ‘Inspired Tour’.


2 – 3 hours


Purpose, Inspiration, Achieving a Dream


Associations, Women’s Riding Event, Women who want to leave their mark on the world

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