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Values, Attributes, and Practices: The Trifecta of a Leader Worth Following

Description of Talk

There are three parts to every impactful leader: values, attributes, and practices. These three parts encompass what you believe, your intrinsic qualities, and what you do. They must align for a leader to be worth following.  

Most large organizations have ideas about what it takes to be an outstanding leader inside their culture. In fact, many organizations - like Ford, GE, and Pepsi - have designed their own leadership competency models to develop their ideal, emerging leaders. These organizations then use the model to identify leadership talent, train their leaders, and strategically advance their business. 

Based upon leadership models from Fortune 500 companies, Cambria Consulting released a study revealing the top attributes and practices most commonly included in corporate competency models. Lisa will break down this study and compare it to what your organization expects in its leaders. 

Your audience will:

  • Complete a self-assessment and score themselves on the top attributes and practices revealed in the Cambria study
  • Define his/her leadership values and discuss why values are important when leading
  • Identify his/her personal attributes that strengthen and uphold their values
  • Determine specific leadership practices that transform capability into action
  • Understand how organizations predict leadership potential 
  • Be empowered to enhance his/her attributes and practices in order to reach their leadership potential

In this interactive session, Lisa gives your audience time and space to build their trifecta as a valuable leader. Your audience will walk away with an action plan that aligns his/her personal values with their leadership practices that will ultimately drive bottom line results.


90 min to Full-Day


Values, Leadership Practices, Purpose, Empowerment


Corporate, Leadership Teams, Emerging Leaders, Associations

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