Tap into your POWER: 5 Tactics for Living Live at Full Throttle

Description of Talk

Have you ever been at a stoplight when a group of motorcyclists pulls into the lane next to you? With a slight twist of the throttle they rev their engines because they understand the power of the machine they ride on. What about you? What power gets you moving? Do you understand the power and potential within you or do you get left in the dust? 

In this interactive, content-rich session, Lisa will inspire your audience to explore the power in their lives. She’ll share her own struggles of being frustrated with an unfulfilled life and how she bravely stepped into her power. You’ll also hear amazing stories of women throughout history who inspire other women to roll on the throttle of their lives. 

The audience will:

  • Be challenged to think intentionally about the question: What do you want for your personal and professional life?
  • Remove guilt from their lives by identifying what is most important  
  • Be empowered to live out their priorities 
  • Be aware of the comparison trap and embrace who they are
  • See fear from a different perspective and use it as a motivator
  • Understand three ways to engage their engine
  • Be inspired to kick their lives into higher gear

Ride along with Lisa as she guides you to discover the five tactics to tapping into your POWER and living life at full throttle!


40 - 45 minutes


Empowerment, Inspiration, Potential


Associations, Sales Teams, Women

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