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Description of Talk

At some point in our lives, we find ourselves idling at the crossroads of Inspiration and Action. It is in this defining moment that we make a choice as to which way to go. Lisa thrives at this pivotal intersection and she’ll guide you down the right road.  

In this keynote, Lisa tells the courageous story of Avis and Effie Hotchkiss, the first women to ride a motorcycle across the United States. A century later, Lisa fulfilled her dream of riding coast-to-coast in the tire tracks of Avis and Effie.  Lisa uses her commemorative motorcycle journey from New York City to San Francisco as a catalyst to inspire your audience to choose action over inspiration. 

Lisa will share her lessons from the road and her message will complement your organizational goals or event objectives. She’ll challenge your audience to obey their inner rumble and be powered by purpose.


40 – 45 min


Empowerment, Purpose, Leadership, Action


Corporate, Entrepreneurs, Collegiate, Women

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