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Description of Program

Leadership U is a six-month leadership development program designed to integrate monthly objectives into the participant’s day-to-day job responsibilities. It is designed to bring you and your organization measurable gains in performance and results. 

Each month, a new topic is introduced where leaders learn in a hybrid, active learning environment, experience and execute peer coaching, and share relevant results to their organizations.  

Leadership U is focused on engaging self-motivated leaders in order to improve their leadership performance. This program is ideal for existing managers or emerging leaders who want to excel in their leadership abilities and advance into higher leadership roles. 

You will:

  • Align who you are with where you want to go to become a values-centric leader focused on results AND relationships
  • Explore different leadership styles and how (and when) to apply them in order to build a culture of engagement
  • Increase skills in navigating difficult conversations where emotions are high and stakes are higher
  • Master the art of coaching (up, down, and across) to help your team execute at peak performance
  • Approach team building in a new way that engages and inspires your team to action (and helps them get results)
  • Communicate with clarity, credibility, and confidence to create enduring relationships both inside and outside the organization
  • Combine goal setting and accountability in strategic ways to foster growth within your company
  • Increase your influence as a leader to become more visible and more assertive, and make others take notice (in a good way)

Private Track: Lisa will meet on-site (or off-site) with leaders from your organization in a collaborative learning opportunity. Session topics, timeframe, number of participants, and cost will be based upon the needs of your organization.

Public Track: Leaders from various organizations join together for a unique learning and networking opportunity. Multiple sessions are launched throughout the year. 


Six, Half-day sessions once a month plus one-on-one coaching


Leadership, Strategic Thinking, Productivity, Coaching, Relationship Building, Critical Thinking, Team Management, Communication


Organizations who aspire to grow their current and emerging leaders, Individuals who want to up level their leadership presence

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