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Fuel Your Success: How to Shift Your Potential into High Gear

Description of Talk

Lisa is a self-described high achiever who empowers her clients to set and reach personal and professional goals. She believes that achieving goals isn’t about the end game; it’s about every day effort. When you are consistent about your efforts and have a mindset for achievement, that’s when transformation happens. 

In this highly charged, interactive workshop, Lisa reveals three gears every high achiever shifts through in order to be more successful.  You will be energized to determine your destination, map your route, and roll on the throttle to success!

Your audience will:

  • Learn the difference between high achievers and status quoers
  • Understand the three questions every high achiever asks and answers
  • Be inspired to dream big about what they want to accomplish in the future
  • Determine specific key measurements that apply to their industry
  • Set goals in their discomfort zone, where high achievers are most comfortable
  • Understand the power of discipline and how to use it to crush their goals
  • Commit to projects that will ensure the plan is executed 
  • Complete the Law-of-the-Throttle Checklist in order to connect the WHY with the HOW
  • Walk away with a one-page planning process that will inspire and equip them to kick their potential into high gear

In longer sessions, Lisa creates time and space for audience members to work through the planning process. For corporate teams, Lisa will align this process with overall corporate objectives. Audience members will leave with a action plan ensuring their success in the coming year.


Full Day


Business Vision, Business Plan, Empowerment, Action, Goal Setting


Corporate, Sales Teams, Management Teams, Entrepreneurs, Small Business Owners, Associations

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