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Becoming a Coaching Leader: Building Tomorrow’s Leaders Today

Description of Talk

Coaching isn’t reserved for high performing athletes and maverick CEO’s, it’s a game-changing leadership style that anyone within an organization can harness to develop team members.  Leaders from various industries have benefitted from a coaching relationship within their organization. Lisa has been on both sides of the table, as a coach and coachee, which allows her to bring a unique perspective to the coaching relationship and process. 

This is an interactive, content-rich master class filled with tools and resources designed to bring out the coaching leader in you. Lisa teaches three pillars of coaching in order to help leaders gain a coaching mindset, improve their coaching skillset, and execute a coaching strategy.  

Working together, these three pillars strengthen your organization’s foundation, resulting in improved communication, increased productivity, and employee engagement. Ultimately, coaching promotes a positive effect in bottom-line profits and results. 

Participants will:

  • Examine coaching as a leadership style and identify situations to apply this style for greater effectiveness
  • Understand the benefits of coaching and demystify the barriers
  • Gain confidence that he/she can impact the organization through coaching
  • Move from a ‘Chief Problem Solver’ mindset to a coaching mindset
  • Learn and practice a coaching conversation model
  • Be introduced to a proven process used by internal and external coaches that encourages ownership and accountability
  • Design a coaching development plan for their team




Coaching, Leadership, Empowerment, Productivity, Accountability


Corporate, Upper-level Managers, Mid-level Managers, Emerging Leaders, Small Business Owners

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