Your One Shot

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Dr. John King appears to be a not-so-regular guy, a not-so-average Australian. His appearance strikes me as a tough, tattooed, don’t-meet-me-in-a-back-alley, motorcycle-riding, hell-raising guy. I first notice his hair… black, long, curly, brushed with grey and then I notice his broad shoulders, barreled chest, and bulging biceps. Definitely someone I wouldn’t want to meet in a dark alley.

Then John opened his mouth. It wasn’t the Australian accent that got me (OK… maybe it was… a little bit) but it was John’s story that got me. It was the glint in his eye that got me.

At 45, John realized that events from his childhood damaged his body’s natural levels of testosterone and estrogen. Normal life expectancy of people with a pituitary gland issue like John’s? 37 years. Every day he was cheating death.

John was living on borrowed time.

His first reaction was one of panic. Panic settled into gratefulness.

Living on borrowed time ignited John’s passion for living. Not just your every day living… but living life as if this literally is your Last. Day. On. Earth.

John is a Pastor, leadership trainer, business coach, and author turned bodybuilder. You may be wondering… yes, both those photos are of John… before and after his epiphany. His bodybuilding efforts have morphed into a rally cry for living life to it’s fullest. Not only for John but also for everyone he meets. John’s personal rally cry has turned into a One Shot movement.

We all have One Shot at this glorious thing called life.

John’s One Shot of competing in the 2014 National Bodybuilding Championship will extend his life. Is it about winning a title? Sure but not entirely.

It’s about inhabiting life and squeezing every last ounce out of it.

It’s about doing something all the way.

It’s about living every moment, taking every chance, and facing every challenge to the best of his ability.

What are you going to do with your One Shot?

To learn more about John’s amazing story, check out his website and join the One Shot community. Share your One Shot story with John and he’ll use it to inspire others. Stay tuned as I’ll be sharing more from John in the future!

G’day, mate!