Why Do You Need a Coach?

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Yesterday I met with a potential coaching client and the first thing she said was “So… tell me what you do because I don’t think I need you.” Well… I put on my sales hat and in about 25 sentences I told her ‘what I did’. “That’s what I thought you’d say…”

This conversation wasn’t going very well.

Then I put my coaching hat on… “Can I ask you one question? You say that you know exactly what you want to do and where you’re going… How come you’re not doing it yet?”

Silence… for about one full minute. I could see the flush rising from her neck to her face. I kept digging with focused questions and she came up with lots of answers, most of which were excuses.

After a two-hour coffee and impromptu coaching session, she left with clarity of purpose, an action plan, and a date on her calendar for our next appointment. Her last words were “I really think you could help my husband too… I’m going to have him give you a call…”

She needed me to ask the tough questions she didn’t want to ask herself.

She needed me to encourage her to play big in her own life.

She needed me hold her accountable to her dreams.

She needed me to see something in herself that she couldn’t see.

Why do you need a coach in your life?

Do you need someone to give you a push?

Do you need someone to ask pointed questions?

Do you need someone to hold you accountable to achieving your big ideas?

Do you need someone to give you permission to play bigger in this world?

Do you need someone to kick your butt every once in awhile?

I can do that for you… Dare yourself to email me at Lisa@FullThrottleLiving.com and we’ll have a chat that just might turn into an impromptu coaching conversation.