There’s No Hood Like Sisterhood

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Acceptance. Affiliation. Association. There is a primal need to be part of a group… a tribe. We all want a place where we’re accepted fully for who we are. We all want to feel included without being judged.

In these groups… these tribes, there is commonality. Whether it is commonality of purpose, or commonality of experience, or commonality of interests, we connect starting with a single point. For this group of Steel Horse Sisters, the commonality is motorcycles.

In less than 2 weeks, women riders will converge on the Rocky Mountains to celebrate their commonality with other women motorcyclists. Yes, their iron ponies will gather them but their love of riding is what draws them. They will share stories of their adventures and band together for the benefit of charities such as Helping with Horsepower, Grace After Fire, and Ride for Kids.

On the surface, these women will share their love of riding. However, what they will experience May 2nd – 4th will be so much deeper. This Summit is different. This Summit is unique. It has been intentionally designed to promote connections that will stretch beyond the commonality of two wheels.

Respected speakers from the motorcycle industry will inspire, motivate, and challenge the riders beyond the realm of motorcycling. Participants will get heart to heart and encourage others through an open forum. Seminars will educate riders on motorcycle maintenance, defensive riding skills, emergency management, and staying healthy on the road. Vendors will be onsite with the latest gear, equipment, and parts. For more information about these Summit activities, click here.

This is more than a destination rally. It’s even more than sharing a commonality… it is fellowship. Lasting friendships will be forged despite the miles that may separate. The sharing of joys and hardships will foster supportive, impactful relationships. Women will experience a deeper, more spiritual, soulful connection. It’s a Sisterhood. The Steel Horse Sisterhood…

The author, Lisa Brouwer, will be speaking at the Steel Horse Sisterhood Summit on Friday, May 2nd. Her topic will be Living Life at Full Throttle Without Riding a Motorcycle. To participate at this year’s Summit, sign up by clicking here.