Speed Stabilizes… or does it?

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The most embarrassing moment a biker can have is when she drops her bike. Ugh! I cringe just thinking about it. I can safely say that in my 16 years of riding, I have never dropped or laid down my bike. I’ve been close… real close… but never dropped one on it’s side. It’s embarrassing, especially for women, because others don’t think you can handle the awesome machine. “A girl shouldn’t be riding a motorcycle that big…”

Friends and I were downtown for the biggest, baddest Harley night in the city… Hot Harley Nights. Imagine thousands of bikes in every shape, size, model, and price tag strutting their stuff. We had just secured our parking spot and started to get off our bikes when I looked at my friend. I saw two things… one – she was straining every muscle in her body, gripping the handle bars in order to keep from dropping her bike… this was going to be bad… and two – four burly men barreling down the street to help her. Yes… they were literally running to beat her losing her grip! Needless to say… they didn’t make it in time. She placed that 672 pound machine down as gracefully as she could.

It’s not a question of her being able to handle that motorcycle but more a concept of balance and stabilization. The only times I’ve seen a person lay their bike down has been when they are stopped or going a very slow speed. When it comes to riding a motorcycle, it is said that “speed stabilizes”. I learned this the very first night of my rider’s training course. You’re more likely to lose your balance at 2 mph than you are at 10 or 20 mph.

However, this motorcycling principle is backwards in real life… the faster we go, the less balance we have.

We’re always racing from one activity to another… just trying to hang on until someone can run to our rescue. And sometimes we end up dropping the bike… or ignoring our marriage, or not spending time with our kids, or bringing work home on the weekend, or missing our son’s baseball game, or cutting back time with friends because we’re too busy, or not eating right, or not working out. And sometimes it doesn’t go down very gracefully…

Where are you going too fast in your life? Don’t you just want to put both feet down and come to a complete stop every once in awhile? Don’t miss the view because you’re going too fast!