Screw Average… Go for Awesome

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As kids, we were dreamers. We dreamed about what we were going to be when we grew up. An Olympic figure skater, a pro basketball player, an astronaut, a marine biologist… we were going to be something awesome! And then life set in and our dreams took a back seat… maybe even the 3rd seat in the back of a very large SUV.

And what took it’s place? An average life.

Jon Acuff, in his book Start, believes that the awesome life is still calling. Awesome is still achievable, no matter how old we are! But awesome isn’t something that you wait for, that gets built up in your life. You can have awesome now… you don’t have to wait for it.

For most of us, average has just been easier. It’s a life with no grand expectations or failing disappointments. A life that we may not have consciously chosen, it’s just where we ended up. We live a life of logical, predictable, comfortable decisions.

But an awesome life… it promises adventure!

It promises exciting ups and downs! The road is littered with on-ramps and off-ramps that we can decide to take an exit at the last second just to see where the road goes.

So how do we leave the average life behind and go for awesome? 3 ways…

1 – Start today. Where today can you live with purpose and intentionality towards awesome? Do something today that you’ve been dreaming of. Get into that 3rd seat of the SUV and connect with what used to be awesome in your life.

2 – Start where you are. You don’t need a new job or a new family to live awesome. Live awesome as the wife, the mom, the employee, the friend you are right now.

3 – Start on what matters to you. Where do you want to be awesome? You don’t have to find one thing. As a matter of fact, there may be lots of places for you to be awesome and live a life of purpose. Just pick one and go with it. Then pick another one and go with it.

When I gave myself permission to get off the road of average and get on the road of awesome, great things started to happen in my life. The mom-guilt went away. The pent up anger went away. The risk was comfort and stability but the reward has been smiles and hugs. The road of awesome isn’t any easier, it’s just a lot more fun!