Real or Fake? Women Motorcyclists

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WARNING: This will be a rant post with no intent of inspiration.

This post was sparked by an article posted in Men’s Fitness titled Hot Girls Who Ride Harley-Davidson Motorcycles. The byline is what really caught my attention: Seven Women Who Like Real Action Between Their Legs. Are you kidding me? I’m a real, woman rider and I don’t ride a motorcycle because I like real action between my legs. C’mon… don’t degrade me… US, like that!

Harley has finally shifted it’s marketing to real women… women who want to ride their own bikes and not for the reason Men’s Fitness cited. We want the freedom. We want the control. We want the power. We want to do things that no one ever thought we could/would do. We want to prove that we can handle a bike just like our male counterparts can. Don’t underestimate the power of a determined woman!

Frankly, I’m tired of seeing half clothed women posing seductively on motorcycles. Yeah, I get that ‘sex sells’ and it’s certainly a selling point to pair a hot bike with a sexy chick. I know… look at the market for that product… it’s men. I’m not naive when it comes to enticing your customers. My point is, these aren’t the type of women who ride motorcycles. I would dare say that most of them have no idea how to operate a motorcycle.

Here’s a spoof MotoCorsa did as they were shooting their new Ducati motorcycle campaign. Instead of only having hot girls, they asked a few men to imitate the same intimate poses in similar attire. Thank you for bringing a little teasing into the ‘girls and bikes’ arena! Now if you would only bring the men with six-pack abs and hard pecs!

For once, I’d like to see a calendar not filled with what I call “Lipstick Bikers” but with real women who ride. Our hair isn’t flowingly perfect… our make-up is covered by road grit… our jeans are long and bug covered… and our boots are dusty and worn. But give us the nod to start it up and we’ll keep up with you mile by mile.

Enjoy my thoughts of what it means to me to be a real biker chick… I wrote these after encountering many lipstick bikers during the Sturgis Motorcycle Rally.

I’d rather be real because…

Bug guts on my blue jeans is biker bling.

Helmet hair is the new style.

I don’t need to show “the girls” to get attention.

I can’t shift with open toed high heels.

I’m proud of the line on my forehead from my bandana.

My thighs would burn if I wore Daisy Dukes.

I don’t need a suitcase to bring all my beauty products.

The wind-blown look means I’ve been riding all day.

I wear leather for protection, not fashion.

It would be hard to balance at the stoplight in stilettos.

Safety is more important than showing off a pedicure.

I actually ride the motorcycle I’m photographed on.