My Theme for the Year 2019


I’m not one to rush into the New Year with resolutions and grandiose ideas of how I’m going to completely overhaul my life. Lose 25 pounds. Make a million dollars. Run a marathon. Vacation in Bora Bora. That’s just setting myself up for disappointment! 

Rather I ride the wave of newness and expectation that a flip of a calendar brings where I refocus, re-evaluate, recommit, and move forward with resolve.

Yes… I acknowledge the lessons from the past and use them to lay out my future. I draw my map, figure out my route, set goals and then drill everything (mostly everything) to a calendar level. 

And then I acknowledge that I’m going to get off track and figure out a way to get myself back on track. (This is having what I call ‘grace for the race’.)

Enter… my theme for the year.

I start thinking about a word or phrase that will keep me focused, inspired, and anchored in the next twelve months. Some years I find it right away and some years, it finds me. Here are a few from past years:

2014 - Think Bigger

2015 - Fuel My Resolve

2016 – Courage Over Comfort

2017 – Believe. Joy. Discipline. Faith.

2018 – Work in My Genius-Zone

This was a year that my theme found me.

I was watching a video by Brendon Burchard, the high performance guy, and he started talking about two things that keep us playing at our highest potential: ambition and command.

I like to think of myself as a high performer and I know for a fact that what holds me back from living at my highest potential is Shiny Object Syndrome. Like when I’m having lunch with friends out on a patio and a motorcycle rides by and the throaty sound yanks my attention away from the conversation and my friends have to pull me back in? Yep… I’m easily distracted by something else… something better… something different than what I have or what I’m doing. You?

Knowing this about myself, when Brendon said the word COMMAND, my theme had found me. My attention snapped right to his words.

He said that command is all about taking control of our lives, our circumstances, our thoughts, our behaviors. He said that it’s a mash up of resilience, confidence, and self-direction, and that we need to take command when no one believes in us, when we don’t feel like it, and when our lazy impulses shut off our action. (Oh… Lazy Lisa… I know her all too well…)

One question he asked really sparked my thinking: “If you don’t have command of your day, who or what did you give it to?” Ouch… that one got me… It was easy to identify what stole my command.

What does Command mean to me?

Command is not a flowery word… a word that is delightful and unassuming.

It’s an authoritative word. A word with power. A word with conviction. A word that kicks your butt if you don’t adhere to it.

Where the word itself is strong, part of me bristles at the rigidity and militaristic air of it. I cannot drive my life, my business, my health, my relationships by sheer force. I cannot be wide open, on the throttle the whole time.

My journey in the coming year will be to find a way to balance out the toughness of this word with something softer, more malleable. There will be times that control and command won’t get the job done. Just as I can’t effectively use the throttle without mastering the clutch, command will require a component of self-awareness and discernment to master it.

Command is spending time bringing clarity to what’s most important and reserving time to focus on what matters most (and then adhering to that time). #BecauseISaidIWould

Command is getting up when my alarm goes off the first time (instead of snoozing five times) and following a meaningful morning routine.

Command is taking control of my daily activities and fending off Lazy Lisa and Shiny Object Syndrome.

Command is planning my week on Sunday afternoon and spending time in reflection every day.

Command is honoring my value and worth and not being afraid to ask for it.

Command is holding space for someone and offering empathy instead of advice, my opinion, or my own elevated story.

Command is not letting self-doubt or comparison invade the corners of my mind.

Command is noticing and feeling emotion (even when it’s uncomfortable) and rumbling with it.

Command is believing in my true potential and intentionally growing into it.

Command is practicing what I preach in order to inspire/empower others to their own greatness.

As I worked through this theme, I also answered these questions:

  • Where do I need to take more command in my life?
  • When I’m in command, what does that look like?
  • What should I do when I’m not in command?
  • Where do I need to give myself permission as it relates to being in command?
  • If I don’t have command, who or what did I give it to?
  • By being in command, what does this allow me to do for others?

This theme of Command will be a power shift for me in the coming year. When I’m not in command, a quick “ten-hut” will snap me back to attention so I can focus on what’s most important. 

So what about you?

What is your theme for the year?

Think about your aspirations for the year ahead.

What will the year require of you?

Where do you have the potential to get off track and what will bring you back?

How best can you remind yourself of what’s most important and then act on it?

If this process inspires you, then I hope you’ll take the time to either find your theme for the year or let it find you. Once you figure out what it is, please email me at and share your theme for 2019. I’d be honored to know!