It’s Stupid… You’ll Drive Yourself Crazy!


Oh… the neighbors are driving a new car. Oh… my friend just built a beautiful, new home. Oh… my sister landed the job of her dreams. Oh… my girlfriend is so funny and everyone loves her. Oh… my friend’s business is going gangbusters.

Why can’t I have those things?

Stop it! Just STOP IT! Stop comparing yourself to everyone else! Why?

  1. You cannot define your worth by comparing yourself to other people. It is an unforgiving, very biased measuring stick.
  2. Everyone is on a different road, at a different mile marker on this journey called life.
  3. Compare who you are with who you want to be not what other people are.
  4. Realize that there will always be someone smarter, richer, or more beautiful than you are.
  5. Realize that there will always be someone dumber, poorer, or uglier that you are.
  6. No one in the entire world can do you better than you do you.

Bonus: It’s stupid. You’ll drive yourself crazy.