It’s Got More

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My friend, Laura, holds the land speed record on the Bonneville Salt Flats. She is the pilot of the World’s Fastest Bagger, a bike that isn’t made for going excessive speeds. I love introducing her as the pilot of the World’s Fastest Bagger… this is how she got that title…

Laura had never been on the salt flats before this run so she was a little nervous about how and what she was going to do. Brian, her husband, coached her what to expect. “The bike hits a wall at about 120 miles per hour but it’s OK if you can only get it to 80.” After a few last minute instructions, she was ready to do her first run.

Time is kept as the riders go through a 5 to 7 mile course. Each rider has 2 to 3 miles to get up to speed and time starts when the rider passes a flag. Their speed is then measured for one mile leaving a couple miles to slow down.

Brian and the team were watching from the sidelines as Laura was getting the bike up to speed. She was rolling on the throttle, pushing the bike to 50 mph when it suddenly opened up and made a loud cracking noise. The guys on the team looked at Brian… “Dude… she just blew up the bike!”

Knowing Laura, he said “No, she’s going for it…”

Laura accelerated the bike to 120 mph and it started to shake… knowing this would happen, she kept the throttle open to get through it. She finished her 1st ever run with a top speed of 137.5 mph… she beat the record.

Not knowing her speed, she got back into line for another pass. Brian ran up to her to congratulate her on setting the new record. Laura flipped open her face mask, looked at him and said “It’s got more…”

“But you don’t need any more…”

“It’s got more…” Laura knew the bike wasn’t wide open.

On her second pass, Laura pushed it even more and topped her speed that day at 143.6 mph. She would eventually ride this bagger to 161mph.

It’s got more… If you’re like me, you’re nearing the end of your 1st run… do you have more? Do you have more power within you? Can you open up the throttle just a little bit more? Have you hit your limit or are you ready to go for it in your second pass?

I’ve started my second run and I’ve decided that it’s time to change my focus from a life of success to a life of significance. I’ve got more to give my children… I’ve got more to give my husband… I’ve got more to give myself… I’ve got more to give where it matters most.

Leave a comment where you’ll be giving more your second run.