How to Tame the Crashing Waves

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Last night I had a dream I was drowning. I was engulfed by cold, black, angry water pressing in all around me. I would buoy to the top of the waves long enough to gasp for air before being pulled under again. With burning lungs, I struggled to claw my way to the surface. I woke up in a pool of sweat.

Do you ever have dreams like that? Sucks… doesn’t it?

Maybe this isn’t true for you but I’ve come to believe that my dreams represent what’s going on when I’m fully awake. Full disclosure here… today I feel like I’m drowning. There are so many things pressing in on me: a dirty house, an unfinished product, a new coaching workshop, tough conversations on the horizon, kids activities, website updates, blog posts to be written, my own feelings of insecurity, and various trials and tribulations… I don’t want to bore you with my list, as I’m pretty sure you have your own.

So how do we come up for air?

We press in. We persevere.

I know… you’re tired. I’m tired too so it’s time we take a big gulp of life-saving air and start swimming. We’ve got to find ourselves some heroic endurance and just start doing the breaststroke. Enough treading water… let’s tap into our last ounce of strength and cut through these waves.

“And the waves they don’t seem so high

From on top of them looking down”

So how do we get on top of these waves?

Here’s what I did…

Grab 3 to 5 note cards and write down your biggest waves… one on the top of each card.

Write down 2 or 3 things that’ll get you moving… it’s time to swim.

Pick one thing. Get it done. Cross it off. Stroke.

Pick one thing. Get it done. Cross it off. Stroke.

Keep doing this and we’ll be at the shore in no time!

Whatever you’re facing now can be overcome. When getting tossed by the waves of life, perseverance is our life preserver. (Tweet that!) As hard as it is to believe as you’re being tossed by these huge waves, you’re becoming a stronger swimmer. With each stroke you are getting stronger and the waves are getting smaller.

Endure. Press in. Persevere. As Dory would say “Just keep swimming!”

Need a little extra inspiration?