How to Fuel Up


My husband and I were riding to a weekend motorcycling event a few years ago. On the way, we stopped to fuel up. Just a few miles down the road, our bike started to lose power. We would power up to 40 mph and it would just start sputtering and spewing black smoke.

Let’s just say there was nothing wrong with the bike but something very wrong with the driver. While fueling up, my husband started visiting with someone and inadvertently pulled up to a green pump.

Do you know what the green pump is?

It’s Diesel fuel… he put the wrong fuel in the bike! All I can say (besides shaking my head like wives do when their husbands do something stupid) is yes… a motorcycle can run on diesel fuel but not very good.

Fuel… it’s what gets your motor running and the right fuel will keep it running. I firmly believe that you’ve got to put the right fuel in your mind in order to run at an optimal level.

Turn off the TV

According to the A.C. Nielsen Co., the average American watches more than 4 hours of TV each day. That’s 28 hours a week or 2 months of nonstop TV-watching per year. In a 65-year life, that person will have spent 9 years glued to the tube. Much of what we watch on TV is violence and commercialism. Garbage in… garbage out…

Pick up a book

80% of families did not buy a book in the last year. 42% of college grads never read a book after graduation. Approximately 3 million books were published in the US in 2011. Reading will offer a new perspective, make you a better person, give you something to talk about, challenge your mind, make you smarter, increase your creativity, and it’s fun!

Have a conversation

Having a two-way conversation is a great way to fuel up. Talk to your kids, talk to your husband, talk to your girlfriend… heck… talk to someone you just met at the coffee shop! Make it a point to learn something new about someone everyday. Be open to the possibilities of what you can learn.

Here’s my challenge to you this week… turn off the TV, D.E.A.R (drop everything and read), and then talk with someone about the book you just read! Comment here with what book you read and whom you talked with about it!