Exposing the Real Heart of America


Three-year-old boy shot by playmate in Washington state. Mom charged with trying to kill baby left in drain. 12-year-old boy with toy gun fatally shot by police. Mother who shot children dies from her injuries. One Direction, Iggy Azalea shine at 2014 AMAs.

These are the headlines from Yahoo News the day I’m writing this post. These headlines are the reason I don’t watch the news anymore. News stations report on crime, murder, suicide, celebrity shame, and all around negative events occurring world-wide. Does the fate of our nation really depend on how well One Direction and Iggy performed last night?

Meet James Marshall. He, too, was sick of all the negative news and decided to do something about it.

The American Dream Project.

James, owner of Happy Marshall Productions, thought the best way to get to the ‘good stuff’, the heart of America, was to go find it on a motorcycle. He and Todd Williams rode from New York to California, collecting stories of people who are making a positive difference in the towns they live in. These people are not celebrities, they are ordinary Americans living the American Dream.

Listen in as I interviewed James about his project and his experiences on the road. I think you’ll enjoy his accent (he’s a Brit) and his genuine love of America. He gushes about Tim and Debbie at Medicine Bow Lodge in WY and shares the life-changing decision he made while on this trip!

Tweetable! Enjoy where you are. Take a deep breath and enjoy this journey. @HMAmericanDream via @LisaMBrouwer

As you heard in the video, James and his team will be releasing their documentary in Spring 2015. We’re going to have to be patient as this project is currently in the works by Happy Marshall Productions, Sundance Productions, and Cole Haan. As soon as we hear from James and his team, we’ll let you know where you can catch up with the American Dream Project! Can’t wait!

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