Are you in the DNF Drawer?

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Years ago, I had an epiphany while listening to the commencement speaker at my brother’s college graduation. The speaker expertly used a file cabinet to illustrate his main point of tenacity. He explained in great detail how he categorized his students into different drawers. However, the only drawer I remember from the entire speech was the bottom drawer labeled ‘DNF’. He hated to file a student away in the bottom drawer.

DNF – Did. Not. Finish. Gasp!

For two years, I had been diligently completing my Master’s Degree. I went to class. I wrote the papers. I did the homework. But my partially finished final project was a clingy monkey on my back. Clingy ape, rather…

I was in the DNF drawer.

It was a dark, dank, stinky drawer littered with forgotten-ness and regret. UGH! I did NOT want to be in this drawer!

Sparing you from the boring details, I painstakingly finished the final project and removed myself from the DNF drawer. Once and for all…

Regrettably, I find myself there again. Did I not learn my lesson the first time?

I am 80% done with my book and have completely rolled off the throttle. I mean, this is important to me! This is my dream so why isn’t it done? Why do we run out of gas right before the finish line?

We’re tired of it.

It’ll fail.

It’s not interesting anymore.

We move on to other, shinier, objects.

We talk ourselves out of the impact.

It’s not perfect yet.

We run out of money.

We run out of time.

We’ve lost our why.

Fill in your own reason here… _______________________

So how do we kick it into gear and finish?

Discipline. Make a system of it. Just do it.

For me, that means that I’m writing every day whether I want to or not.

Determination. Increase your will. Refocus on your why. Believe in the results. Trust your purpose.

For me, it’s focusing on what impact my story will have on you.

Declaration. Going public. Telling someone who will push you to completion.

For me, it was posting a public deadline in the 30 Days of Hustle Facebook group and telling a butt-kicking friend.

What are you in the DNF drawer for? You been here a long time? Stinks, doesn’t it? What discipline, determination, or declaration will you commit to in order to bust out?

I’m still in the DNF drawer but at least I’ve shoved it open a crack. Ahhh… I see the light! Let’s do this together! Leave me a comment why you’re in the DNF drawer and how you’re going to escape…