Clutch or Throttle… Your Choice

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Susan made her way to the top. She was a skilled 50-year-old, C-something-O of a community banking organization, in charge of 90 people, one of two women in leadership.

And then one day, her position was eliminated.

Susan was given a 9-month severance and the “Hope you find something else” speech.

Susan had to make a choice. She could pull in the clutch, start to coast, and watch her world crash around her. Or she could roll on the throttle, power through the wreckage, and find a different road.

Susan was ready to ride!

Instead of having a pity-party of one, she saw this as an opportune time to do something different. She admitted to herself that she had been feeling an uneasiness about the direction her life was taking at the bank. The industry was changing and it wasn’t a culture that matched her values anymore.

Susan realized this was just the push she needed to kick start her life. She is looking at her map, deciding which road she’s going to take.

This time has allowed her to reconnect with her children, take care of her dad, and do some heavy excavating of her heart. She is exploring what makes her happy, identifying the strengths she brings to the table, and writing out what she is looking for in an organization.

Susan is powering up and riding to meet this opportunity.

Maybe you’ve started down a dead end road too. It’s time to pick your head up, find a new road to travel, and then roll on the throttle!