Burn, Baby, Burn


I’ve been in creation mode for the last week or two so my days consist of me, in my home office, with a bunch of words appearing on a computer screen. Sounds fun, doesn’t it? A very observant friend stopped by and in a matter of minutes said “What’s wrong with you? Where’s your passion? Not just for this project but in general? Where’s your fire? You need to go find that fire again.”

He was right. I wasn’t feeling ‘it’. I had withdrawn to focus on something and I took it to the extreme. Think of trying to start a motorcycle that’s been flooded. Fuel is a required ingredient to start the engine but in this case, more fuel isn’t a good thing. I needed to relight my fire so here’s what I did…

1) I went for a ride. Motorcycling is at the heart of my passion and I hadn’t even ridden for the last month. No wonder I was in a funk. After just a few miles, I started to feel more like myself. The cool breeze… the smell of the oncoming fall… the roar of the engine… it did the trick! I do my best thinking and creating on the road!

2) I got out of isolation. I came from a place of collaboration so this has been the toughest change for me, working on my own. I realized I needed people around me, not to shut the world out. So I set up office at local coffee shops and started meeting friends for lunch. Interaction is what I needed to get my juices going again.

3) I took a look at the past. I’m a BHAG girl… I’m driven by Big, Hairy, Audacious Goals. Sometimes this is a de-railer for me because I’m always looking at what isn’t done rather than what is. I made a list of all the things I had accomplished in the last 6 months. Who did those things? This girl! Way to go! Now use that to keep pressing forward!

The embers were still burning, I just had to stoke the fire.

Is there smoke hovering around you? Your flame hasn’t gone out yet… where there’s smoke there’s fire. You just need to find the fuel that will reignite it. What 3 things do you need to do today to get your passion burning again?