Being Overdrawn in Life


I hate overdrafts. Just the other day, I forgot to transfer money out of my savings account for a larger check I wrote so my account was overdrawn by $30. I got the notice and see that the bank tacked on another $35 as an overdraft fee.

This was an expensive lesson… at least I had enough money to cover the additional fee. The cost of my financial neglect was 2 things: a little embarrassment and $35. Compared to other things in life, this was an easy price to pay.

This event got me thinking about other things… I’ve started to look at all the areas of my life and double-checking my balances, if you will.

How’s my marriage account? Have I made a deposit there recently or am I only making withdrawals?

I’ve been going to the gym faithfully so I feel I have an appropriate balance in my health and wellness account.

I didn’t get to spend much time with my kids last night because I was making deposits into my friend account yesterday so I’ll cover that balance today.

My “Relaxation” account is grossly overdrawn so I’ll be scheduling a massage for later this week.

Take a look at the balances in your life… where do you have a healthy balance? Where is your balance getting close to zero? Are you making too many deposits at work and your marriage is overdrawn?

It’s not about balancing your life… it’s about finding the appropriate balance for each account.