At the Intersection of Inspiration and Action

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Years of dreaming and months of planning all came down to one point in time. I was sitting on a motorcycle I’d never ridden before, suited up in gear I’d never worn, starting an amazing journey from the biggest, most intimdating city in the United States.

Was I nervous? Oh yes… I was scared to death.

Physically, I was at the corner of White and Broadway in Lower Manhattan but figuratively; I idled at the intersection of Inspiration and Action. I was there because Effie Hotchkiss, the first woman to ride a motorcycle cross-country one hundred years before, had inspired me and it was time for me to act on that inspiration.

I don’t want you to think it was easy getting to this intersection. In fact, it was hard. After hearing of Effie’s amazing accomplishment in 1915, I dreamed of riding a motorcycle coast-to-coast just like she did. But I didn’t go exclaim my dream to the world. Nope.

I quietly kept this dream to myself; happily living on the inspiration it brought me.   

For years, it was my secret until a friend challenged me. “You need to take that trip!”

“Who? Me? Uh… no. I can’t. I’m not strong enough. I can’t afford to take that much time off work.  How would I pay for it?”

I began censoring my dream.

“I’m a wife and a mother… what self-respecting women goes gallivanting around the country and leaves her family to fend for themselves? Besides, it’s a logistics nightmare! What route would I take? What if this trip kills me… literally?”

There were so many reasons, dare I say excuses, why this would never work. 

But there was one reason that trumped all the others, that pushed me out of my own way, onto a motorcycle, and across the country… it was my inner rumble telling me this was something I must do and if I didn’t do it, my life would be incomplete. My life’s purpose of inspiring others to dream big and act bigger would be unfulfilled. 

So I said YES to the adventure!

This cross-country road trip took 15 days and we traveled 4,690 miles. I beheld the power of Niagara Falls, was graced by the wheat fields of Kansas, rode through torrential storms in Colorado, knocked off a toll booth arm in Chicago (for real), witnessed the breath-taking beauty of the Pacific Coast Highway, and connected with men and women from coast-to-coast. 

One thing I learned after this epic journey is that life’s defining moments don’t happen over 15 days, 4,690 miles. Life’s defining moments happen when we decide to be powered by our purpose and choose to turn our inspiration into action.  

You have an inner rumble too… there’s a romp, romp, romp in your soul and it’s getting too loud to ignore. It’s your purpose welling up inside of you. It’s something you’re passionate about. It’s something you simply must do or you’ll be incomplete.

What’s your inner rumble?

Somewhere in your life, you’re sitting at the intersection of inspiration and action right now. You’ve been inspired by someone or something and you’re holding a dream in your heart that nobody knows about. You’ve been perfectly content keeping your secret to yourself, idling in inspiration. Until now... 

Isn’t it time to obey your inner rumble?

As you idle at this intersection, you’re faced with a choice. You can stay on the road of inspiration where you keep your dream to yourself, adore it from afar, take it to the end of your life without acting on it, and then regret you didn’t even try.


You can choose to be powered by your purpose, make the decision to create a life defining moment, and say YES to the adventure life holds for you. 

If this is you (and I hope it is)… then stop censoring your dream, get it out into the open, turn on your blinker, check your mirror, roll on the throttle, and confidently merge onto Action Street.

Your road trip starts right here…

 Not sure what to do next? I can help. Let's talk about what it's going to take to get you to obey your inner rumble. 

Interested in learning more about my epic journey across the country on a motorcycle? I invite you to watch the documentary.