Annual Theme: Fuel My Resolve


You probably have a lot of things (dare I say goals) you want to achieve this year. Things you want to be, do, or have before you say good-bye to 2015. Yep… me too.

Sometimes, I overwhelm myself thinking about all the things I want to change or accomplish.

Instead of overwhelming myself, it’s easier for me to find a common thread that I weave throughout the year to keep pushing myself forward. Once I find this common thread, I proclaim it as my annual theme.
Several years ago, I realized I had an avoidance problem (I still probably do) and I needed a mantra that would carry me through situations. My theme for that year was BE BOLD.

2014 was the year I challenged myself so my theme was THINK BIGGER.

My theme for 2015 is: FUEL MY RESOLVE.

One of the worst things I ever said about myself is that I was a starter and not a finisher. This trait of ‘unfinished business’ was considered a strength when I worked in the corporate world because I had ‘people’ that would finish what I started. So I would start, start, start! However, this isn’t a great strategy when your team consists of one person… yourself.

Needless to say, there are many things that are undone… a half completed website, an outdated life plan, an ignored business plan, an 80% completed self-study course… the list could go on…

Resolve: firm determination to do something.

When I started these things, it was with resolve… with intent on finishing them. At one point, I was determined to see them through. So whether I started something else, my resolve wasn’t strong enough, I didn’t see an end in sight, or I questioned my own confidence… they remain undone.

An unchecked task on my to-do list.

Fuel: a power supply, a thing that sustains or inflames a passion

Why do we want to accomplish something? Why do we start only to not finish? If we don’t know, it’s time to reconnect with our purpose. We’ve got to go back to the beginning and start with why.

And, if our why doesn’t move our soul, make our heart beat a little faster, create a bit of excitement, or stoke the fire within… well… our unchecked task list will grow. It will grow along with feelings of emptiness, shame, worthlessness, anxiousness, failure, and non-fulfillment.

But not this year…

This year, I will dare to dream greatly again and relight the fire of passion. Fuel will be added until the burning is so bright and so hot nothing can extinguish it. Every barrier will be broken, every valley filled, and every mountain be made low. The romp-romp-romp of my inner rumble will drown out my excuses and past failures.

For this year, I will fuel my resolve.

What common thread do you have running through your life this year? Think about your dreams, goals, and obstacles for this coming year. What word or phrase can you claim as a mantra that will motivate you and sustain you for the next year?

The conversation starts in the comments so share your annual theme with us!

As always… if something here has resonated with you, please share it with someone!