A Day of Grace


Unfortunately, the world doesn’t stand still when moms are sick. Kids still have to go to school, husbands still get up for work, dogs still need to be let outside… yes, these continue along.

There was a tinge of guilt that made me drag one foot out of bed this morning. Questions were already running through my throbbing head… What are you wearing today?

Is your backpack ready?

What do you want for breakfast?

It’s cool today; do you have a sweatshirt?

Do I have a complete list for the grocery store?

What sections of my current project need my attention?

Do I have a post already cued up to go?

However, when the other foot hit the ground, everything seemed to move in slow motion. The throbbing in my head was just the starting point… my body was telling me to crawl back in under the covers and let the world go by.

I listened…

Today was a day of grace. Phone calls went unanswered, texts went untexted, articles unwritten, projects put by the wayside… For today was the day I took care of me. It was a day of no expectations, no deadlines, no appointments, no conversations… just a body at rest. It was a time to heal… a time to slow down… a time to breathe… Today was a day of grace. Tomorrow will be a different story…