7 Steps in Traveling from Fear to Faith


Ask any traveler what’s on the road between Fear and Faith and they’ll tell you Risk. The reason we don’t often want to take the road to Faith is because there is Risk involved in it. When we stay in Fear, we know what to expect as we’ve been there before. But Faith is a place we want to visit and know it’ll be worth the trip once we get there. It’s those in between miles that get us.

So how do we successfully travel from Fear to Faith?

Consult your map

Identify where Risk is and plan your trip accordingly. It’s like going through Chicago at rush hour… you simply find a way around it.

Go one mile at a time

You don’t need to take this trip in one day. Rome wasn’t built in a day. In fact, Rome is still under construction.

Stay overnight somewhere

Once you leave Fear, you don’t want to go back but you might not have made it to Faith yet. So why not overnight in Trying or Doing? I’ve heard Optimistic is a great place to hang out.

Ask for directions

Someone along this road has traveled through Risk to get to Faith. Stop them. Ask for directions… even if you’re a man.

Keep going

No matter how much you try to avoid it, sometimes going through Risk is inevitable. So like Mr. Atkins sings, “If you’re going through <risk>, keep on going. Don’t slow down, if you’re scared don’t show it.”

Never lose sight of Faith

For some, this is a long road and for others, it’s a short road. If you get off the main highway, just remember which way Faith is.

Reward is an even better place

Many travelers who have started at Fear and traveled through Risk say they found a great place called Reward. It’s not always on the map but I hear the view is awesome!

Have you been hesitant to make the trip from Fear to Faith? There are many travelers making that trip right now… why not caravan together?