2018 Theme: A Ride Through the Redwood Forest

2018 theme.jpg

The redwood trees reached to the clouds like skyscrapers. I felt like I was in nature’s version of New York City as I was riding through Big Basin Redwood Forest, California’s oldest State Park.  The road was narrow with winding curves that banked left and right around gigantic trees that had stood for thousands of years.

As I navigated sharp turns and worked hard to keep up with the San Jose HOG Chapter members (they could REALLY ride this route full speed), one phrase was on repeat in my head: “Stay in your lane. Stay in your lane.”

If I crossed the centerline on this narrow road taking these curves (sometimes there wasn’t even a center line), I’d run the risk of becoming road kill thanks to oncoming traffic. Definitely not the way I wanted to end my cross-country adventure!

If you're not a rider, here's a little Motorcycle 101. When riding in groups, motorcyclists ride in a staggered formation. Imagine the left and right tire tracks of a car… the first rider uses the left lane, the second rider uses the right lane with a one-second gap between them, the third rider uses the left lane keeping a two second gap between her and the bike in front of her and the pattern continues.  This leaves every rider an escape lane, just in case.

The key to riding staggered is each rider staying in her lane.

The key to my success in 2018 will be to stay in my lane.

Every year, I map out where I want to go in the year ahead, figure out what’s going to get me there, and I then come up with a theme that keeps me on course.

My theme in 2018 is: Work in my genius zone. (I can thank my coach, Lex, for challenging me by using these words.)

Everyone has a genius zone. Yep… even you.

What is the Genius Zone? 

Your genius zone is where your purpose and talent collide… when what you were uniquely created to do crashes into the gifts you were blessed with (or worked hard to develop) and BAM! Pure genius!

When you’re working in your genius zone, you are deeply engaged and connected to what you’re doing, not only in time and your mindset, but also at a soul level. You’re more productive, have more energy, not to mention personal satisfaction, and produce great work. And let’s not forget about joy… something I’m leaning into this year.

If you want to play big in your life, step up and be seen where it counts, then working in your genius zone isn’t a luxury, it’s a necessity.  

You might be thinking, “Lisa… I have no idea what my Genius Zone is!” That’s OK; here’s a way you can start thinking about it… draw three interconnecting circles. It'll look like this...

Triangle of Awesomeness 1.png

 Within these circles, you’ll jot your answers to the following questions:

  1. What do I like to do?
  2. What am I good at?
  3. What do I do that is fulfilling/or can make money at?

As you look at your answers, there may be a place where they overlap, just like where the circles overlap. This is your, what I like to call, Triangle of Awesomeness AKA Genius Zone. This is where your purpose and talents collide.

Hey… it might take you more than an afternoon to figure it out (don't get too frustrated) now you’ve got a way to start thinking about it.

Making this Genius Zone theme work...

Through working with my coach the last six months, I’m confident that I’ve nailed down my Genius Zone. As I start living this theme and building out what it looks like for me in 2018, I’ll need to reflect on the following questions:

  • What does working in my genius zone mean to me?
  • What task/activity am I doing when I’m working in my genius zone?
  • How much time should I spend working in my genius zone every day?
  • What will distract me from working in my genius zone?
  • What will keep me working in my genius zone?

Right now, I don’t have all the answers to these questions and I’m OK with that.  I’ve set aside time at the end of every day to sit in this theme to do a head check, gut check, and heart check.

Here’s what I know… if I veer out of my genius zone, feel myself drifting out of my lane and into oncoming traffic, I know I’m on a crash course and won’t arrive safely at my destination. (Yes… lots of motorcycling words there.) Working in my genius zone is the fuel I need to reach my goals in 2018.

These five simple words will snap me back into reality and ensure I’m pointed right where I want to go.

What about you?

If you read my post Three Questions and One Word, you know where I’m taking you next. You guessed it… it’s your turn to come up with your own! (You can’t have mine!)

In looking at what will be required of you as you journey through 2018, what word or theme will keep you on the road to success?

Honest truthful… this theme wasn’t where I landed when I first started thinking about it so give yourself some grace if you can’t think of anything right away (or if you have a million options.)

But the theme you choose has to mean something to you. It has to create a spark of inspiration, excitement, determination, and a kick in the badassery when you think about it. It has to be strong enough pull you out of whatever negative thought pattern you’re in and get you back on course to greatness!

Give it some thought and then leave a comment on my Facebook page sharing your theme for the year... that's where the conversations happen. Need more personalized help? Let's schedule a discovery call to talk about how you can find your Genius Zone.