A Lesson in Circling Back

Practicing empathy is hard especially because we practice with people… people are complicated. There isn’t a dashboard displaying what we each need most at that very moment in time. No billboards above our heads flashing ‘I need empathy’. We gotta go with our gut and sometimes we miss an opportunity completely. That’s what happened to me a few months ago… […]

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Empathy is a Practice

My thoughts from Brené Brown’s 3rd class in the Living Brave semester… Empathy and self-compassion… such a simple title but I knew I was in for it. Empathy AND self-compassion, not just one of the other but both! I was going to walk away from this lesson with a black eye thanks to Brené’s one-two punch. There is significant room for improvement in my life in these two areas. […]

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The Tradeoff of Vulnerability

Following are my thoughts upon finishing Lesson 2 in Brené Brown’s Living Brave class.  Vulnerability is a taboo word in today’s society. Any mention of the word and voices are lowered, shifty eyes glance left and right, and you’re shushed with “I don’t do vulnerability.” […]

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Becoming The Man in the Arena

I’ve been pondering this quote by Theodore Roosevelt… […]

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Less Thinking. More Feeling.

Less thinking. More feeling. These are the words that jumped off the page at me. I just re-cracked the spine on Brené Brown’s book, Daring Greatly, and in the introduction (the introduction, mind you, page 6, not even the ‘real’ part of the book yet) I was caught off guard with these four words. Her powerfully penned punch landed right on my nose. Ouch! […]

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Checking My Mirrors – Reflections of 2015

Tomorrow, we’ll be starting our journey into a new year. Depending on how last year’s ride went, we’ll either throw our leg over the saddle expectantly or with reservations. […]

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