Powerful Women of the Gulf Coast… the conversation continues!

It was a blast for me to join you at the PWGC Pursue Your Passion Conference! Congratulations on taking the first step to obeying your inner rumble! This workbook summarizes the 4 gears we talked about at the conference as well as giving you more hands-on experience with the tools I introduced.

I encourage you to find a day to harness the ‘power of the pause’. Here’s how I harness the power of the pause… I go to my favorite coffeehouse and spend the morning going through part of it. I then have lunch at my favorite restaurant, ┬ásometimes I get a massage, and then finish up at a place I can relax. ┬áTurn off your phone, stay off Facebook, bring your favorite music, and don’t forget your Kleenexes! When excavating your heart, you’re in for a wild ride!

So gear up, mount up, start up… your road trip starts here!

Powerful Women of the Gulf Coast workbook

I’d welcome you to journey at Full Throttle with me! I’m looking forward to riding with you!