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  • Inspire

INSPIRE and a cRaZy Idea!



The word that has been on my mind lately, flashing in front of my eyes, burned in my brain is INSPIRE. I see it when I wake up. I see it when I go to bed. It is stalking me…

In fact, this word has lodged itself in my soul and I can’t seem to shake it. Do you ever get that feeling? I guess it means that I’m supposed to do something with it, right? My husband shudders when I get feelings like this… it means I’m about to do something CRAZY! […]

  • tame the crashing waves

How to Tame the Crashing Waves


Last night I had a dream I was drowning. I was engulfed by cold, black, angry water pressing in all around me. I would buoy to the top of the waves long enough to gasp for air before being pulled under again. With burning lungs, I struggled to claw my way to the surface. I woke up in a pool of sweat.
Do you ever have dreams like that? Sucks… doesn’t it?

  • no hood like sisterhood

There’s No Hood Like Sisterhood

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Acceptance. Affiliation. Association. There is a primal need to be part of a group… a tribe. We all want a place where we’re accepted fully for who we are.  We all want to feel included without being judged.